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Monday, October 09, 2006

Im closing down..

But not going away!

I'm moving into the blog next door with my my very good friends Jon and Jen at It's Psych!
I'm sure you all know it already but if not here's the link!

Now go and check it immediately if you're one of the few who haven't already seen it, cos you're missing out on some real gems!!

So yea I hope to see most of you over at my new home!

Thanks for all!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Deep Purple!

Deep Purple- Shades Of Deep Purple 1968

Great debut album from Legendary group Deep Purple.

8 Tracks, some covers, their hugely known song Hush also included. Great Psych-Prog, mainly organ led music, though all instruments are commanding throughout. Great vocals, some strong harmonies, really is a great addition to any collection, you may as well give it a try..!

Image Hosted by

1. And The Address
2. Hush
3. One More Rainy Day
4. A) Prelude Happiness B) I'm So Glad
5. Mandrake Root
6. Help
7. Love Help Me
8. Hey Joe

Friday, September 22, 2006


Trees- The Garden Of Jane Delawney 1970

Excellent Acid-Folk-Rock-Prog-Pysch album from Trees!

One of my favourite Acid-Folk albums, really natural music, great female vocals, that may take a little period of time to get used to for some, but once you do you really appreciate how great their sound is. It's a fairly acoustic album, but with lots of electric blended in perfectly and only compliments their distinctive sound.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do....!

Also, I've been trying to update the link to Skip Bifferty but it's saying it's been Black Listed, don't worry though I'll have it up again soon

Image Hosted by

1. Nothing Special
2. The Great Silkie
3. The Garden Of Jane Delawney
4. Lady Margeret
5. Glasgerion
6. She Moved Thro' The Fair
7. Road
8. Epitaph
9. Snail's Lament

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Nirvana- Story Of Simon Simopath 1967

Hey guys, I'm back hopefully for good, I appologise very much for my long break, just had alot of things on my mind but (at the moment atleast!) I'm feeling better and my head is clearer than it's been in a while!

Here's just something to show you I'm sincere! Something some of you will undoubtedly already have but one that everyone should have; a great kind of concept album by the great 60's Hippies that are Nirvana (in no way should they be confused with Kurt Kobain's grundge act!).

This is a great album, it's pop-psych but the psych is very much there unlike alot of pop-psych, I find. A great childlike innocence to most of the songs. The harp solo on "Pentecost Hotel" makes me feel like absolutely anything is possable!... Can't quite explain how!

So without further ado, here it is!

P.S. Thank you all for your kind comments! I'm pleased to be back! And Greg... you're clearly a man who knows much, you hit the nail on the head!

Image Hosted by

1. Wings Of Love
2. Lonely Boy
3. We Can Help You
4. Satellite Jockey
5. In The Courtyard Of The Stars
6. You Are Just The One
7. Pentecost Hotel
8. I Have Never Had A Love Like This Before
9. Take This Hand
10. 1999

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I am still alive!

Hey guys, just thought I'd say I am here and I'm really sorry I haven't been uploading for the last week, truth is I have a whole lot on my mind, and it's really distracting me from doing other thing's I'd like to.

I'm hoping I can get back into the habit over the next few days, and I appreciate your patience!

Hope you're all well


Monday, August 21, 2006

Skip Bifferty!

Skip Bifferty- Skip Bifferty 1968

I was just about to head off to bed because I have to be up to leave for my holiday in 5 hours, but suddenly remembered the request to upload the Skip Bifferty album, and in my opinion the album is so good, that it would be very cruel to deny someone this album for another week! It really does lighten up all collections, a great album, excellently mixing pop-psych with all the wonders of the era; strange sounds, phasing, effects and tape looping.

Get it now! This will be the last album I upload for atleast 5 days, still not sure when I'm heading back, but when I do, you'll know! Have a good week everyone!

Image Hosted by

1. Money Man
2. Jeremy Carabine
3. When She Comes To Stay
4. Guru
5. Come Around
6. Time Track
7. Gas Board Under Dog
8. Inside Secret
9. Orange Lace
10. Planting Bad Seeds
11. Yours For At Least 24
12. Follow The Path Of The Stars
13. Prince Germany The First
14. Clearway 51

The Idle Race...

The Idle Race- Back To The Story

Here it is, the complete works by The Idle Race, this was released in 1996 and sold out very quickly and even just the CD goes for over $200, so you can imagine how valued the first pressing albums are! Excellent band, The Birthday Party (1968) alone is enough to give them a secure place as one of the best of the psych scene. So all the works by one of the greats, for free! Everyone's happy! Download it, because every psych fan NEEDS this in their collection! Can't praise it enough...!

Back To The Story has all 3 Idle Race albums (with and without Jeff Lynne, tho Jeff Lynne era Idle Race is, in my opinion alot better!), singles and b-sides, and three un-issued alternate versions. There are also 2 tracks from Jeff Lynne's 1966 recording sessions with The Nightriders to end the collection.

On another note, I was very sad to see the apparent end of the Past Tense blog, some really excellent music was uploaded, I hope to see Past Tense again as the music he loaded was incredible. Many Thanks and best wishes to him.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Sam Gopal

Sam Gopal- Escalator 1969

Ever said to yourself, I wonder what it would sound like if Motorhead's Lemmy did psych? Well wonder no more! Here it is, Escalator by Sam Gopal. Ian Willis (Lemmy) is in control the whole way through, from his powerful vocals to his acid-fused guitar that is ever present. It's darker than most of the psych on the British scene, and is quite unique. There are only drums on two of the songs, on the rest there is percussion and it works really well.

This could be my last post for 2 weeks, as I'm going away, but I'll see if there is anyway I can get more on, if I did, it will be up my Monday morning, but I can't guarentee anything! If I don't, I hope you all enjoy the end of summer! It's raining here, but hey, that's Summer in England for you!

Image Hosted by
1. Cold Embrace
2. The Dark Lord
3. The Sky Is Burning
4. You're Alone Now
5. Grass
6. It's Only Love
7. Horse
8. Escalator
9. Angry Faces
10. Midsummer Nights Dream
11. Season Of The Witch
12. Yesterlove
13. Back Door Man

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Soft Machine!

The Soft Machine- Volume One 1968

Hey guys, sorry it's taken so long to get around to uploading some more albums! Had a few days' rest. I saw It's Psych's Jon in HMV today which was a nice treat, but it also made it clear I can't delay him from this album any longer!

So here it is, the debut album from one of Canterbury's finest; The Soft Machine! An excellent album, full of nice music, great solo's and at the same time, some really heavy experimental music! One of the great Psych-Prog albums made, up there with one of my favourites, The Nice. Fairly unorchestrated in parts, particulary on great songs like "So Boot If At All". Really do rate this album, it's quite wierd in parts, quite heavy but even if you don't like it on first listen it sure is bound to grow on you!

Image Hosted by

1. Hope For Happiness
2. Joy Of A Toy
3. Hope For Happiness (Reprise)
4. Why Am I So Short?
5. So Boot If At All
6. A Certain Kind
7. Save Yourself
8. Priscilla
9. Lullabye Letter
10. We Did It Again
11. Plus Belle Qu'Une Poubelle
12. Why Are We Sleeping?
13. Box 25/4 Lid

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sunshine's Psychedelic Sounds Of The Summer Season!

Sunshine's Psychedelic Sounds Of The Summer Season! 2006.

I got bored today and decided to pass some time I'd make myself another compilation, which I always enjoy doing. I thought I may as well just post it on here incase anyone else was interested in it, there are 30 songs, which I love and the compilation lasts 1 1/2 hours, so its quite a big file. Just mainly got alot of songs from my favourite artists, and also has some great songs from some of the unfortunate, one hit wonder bands of the era. So yea, I'll post the songs and if you feel like giving it a listen download it! I've uploaded it in song alphebetical order, so that you guys can feel free to list the tracks in an order you want!

(I even included my own album sleeve, boasting my incredible paint skills! haha)
Image Hosted by

1. (Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion - Kaleidoscope
2. Another Game- Grapefruit
3. Beechwood Park- The Zombies
4. Cardboard Watch- The End
5. Charles Brown- Rupert's People
6. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago- The Yardbirds
7. Heresy- The United States Of America
8. I Can Take You To The Sun- The Misunderstood
9. I Like My Toys- The Idle Race
10. I See The Rain- Marmalade (I do live in England afterall, Rain songs are always required in summer!)
11. Joly Mary- July
12. London Social Degree- Billy Nicholls
13. Look In the Sky- The Fox
14. Love- Virgin Sleep
15. Michael Angelo- The 23rd Turnoff
16. Mind's Eye- Ramases & Selket
17. Model Village- The Penny Peeps
18. Monday Morning- Tales Of Justine
19. Money Man- Skip Bifferty
20. My Friend Jack (Original Version)- The Smoke
21. Now Your Time Has Come (Alt. Version)- Tomorrow
22. Rainbow Rocking Chair- Majority One
23. Reaction Of A Young Man- Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
24. Rennaissance Fair- Orange Bicycle
25. Strange Walking Man- Mandrake Paddle Steamer
26. Sun Sing- Rainbow Ffolly
27. Sycamore Sid- Focal Point
28. The Daily Planet- Love
29. Waltz Of The Flies- Them
30. What Will Become Of The Morning- Chrysalis

... I Give You Rainbow Ffolly!

Rainbow Ffolly- Sallies Fforth 1968

I've uploaded a big album cover, because I really like it! A great, but yet quite wierd psychedelic classic. Not wierd in the sense you'd expect, like mad freakouts, but wierd in the sense that the songs are mostly amusing whymsical happy songs, that must have been great fun to make, the album also contains some of the nicest softer songs made during these creative years (Montgolfier, Goodbye). Very psych in places, you can't listen to this album and be sad, it's a very good, happy album, full of life and perfect for most moods! Unless you have the mood for some powerful freakouts and you just need something like The Nice! I really recommend this album, it took me a few listens to fully appreciate it, so if you don't like it after first listen, just keep trying it, I'm sure you'll love it, probably in my top 10 favourite psych albums!

Remember my music will now all be mp3, this is no exception!

So download and enjoy...

Image Hosted by

1. She's Alright
2. I'm So Happy
3. Montgolfier
4. Drive My Car
5. Goodbye
6. Hey you
7. Sun Sing
8. Sun And Sand
9. Labour Exchange
10. They'm
11. No
12. Sighing Game
13. Come On Go

Monday, August 07, 2006

Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett- Radio One Sessions 1970-71

I've decided to switch to Mp3 as it just makes more sense, even if it does take me more time to upload onto my computer, as it appeals to a wider variety of people. To celebrate this I've decided to start with my hero, Syd Barrett's sessions that he did for Radio One. Being only 20 minutes long is a shame, but it's great to hear Syd playing some of his solo stuff live. Songs 1-5 were recorded in February 1970 and tracks 6-8 (Not great sound quality admittadly) were recorded February 1971. The passing of Roger "Syd" Barrett was a big loss to all fans of his music. But atleast he left us a great legacy of music to remember him by.

Hope you enjoy...

Image Hosted by

1. Terrapin
2. Gigolo Aunt
3. Baby Lemonade
4. Effervescing Elephant
5. Two Of A Kind
6. Baby Lemonade
7. Dominoes
8. Love Song


Donovan- Sunshine Superman 1967 (1966 in the US)

Superb Psych-Folk album from Donovan, a real classic that belongs in all collections! An incredible selection of songs and instruments that really shows the best that he had to offer, tough to say if it's his best album because his albums are all good and vary in genre so it's up to you, but I'd say that this is his best followed by A Gift From A Flower To A Garden, which I may upload soon. Don't really need to say much about Donovan, you should all know him already.

So if by chance you haven't got this album already, here it is, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Image Hosted by

1. Sunshine Superman
2. Legend Of A Girl Child Linda
3. Three Kingfishers
4. Ferris Wheel
5. Bert's Blues
6. Season Of The Witch
7. The Trip
8. Guinevere
9. The Fat Angel
10. Celeste

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Espers- The Weed Tree 2005

There aren't many modern bands that I can honestly say I like. Nor are there many at all that I'd like enough to post on my blog! But Espers are possably the most impressive and creative band I have heard in the last 25 or so years (Along with Circulus!) . The music they make is breathtaking, mixing traditional folk, acid-folk with alot of fuzzy psychedelia. This particular album, their second (more of a very long EP) see's them really get into their folk, far more than Espers and II. Female vocalist, Meg Baird has one of the most incredible voices and is absolutely perfect for this type of music. I highly reccomend every peice of music this band has made. Even if, like me, you aren't overly keen on alot of modern music, it would be a big mistake to rule out this band. If this does well I shall also upload their recently released album "II".

Also you can find their debut album and the Circulus album posted over at my good friends' blog, It's Psych!

Enjoy them!

Image Hosted by

1. Rosemary Lane
2. Tomorrow
3. Black Is The Colour
4. Afraid
5. Blue Mountain
6. Flaming Telepaths
7. Dead King

My Favourites: It would be pointless listing them, because I've just typed them all out! The whole album is incredible!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Love... RIP Arthur Lee

Today brought the sad news of the passing of Love's Arthur Lee. He died in hospital in Memphis, yesterday (Thursday, 3rd August) due to his ongoing battle with Leukemia. This truly is sad, as I'm sure you all know Arthur Lee was a driving force behind one the greatest psychedelic albums ever to be recorded, Forever Changes.

I have decided to post 3 Love albums because of this sad news, they are Da Capo (1967), Forever Changes (1967) and Four Sail (1969). It should be noted that the line-up is completely different on Four Sail, except for Arthur Lee, of course. He disbanded the original line-up of Love after Forever Changes, because he felt the other members were not good enough (!!!).

Da Capo 1967

Image Hosted by

1. Stephanie Knows Who
2. Orange Skies
3. ¡Que Vida!
4. Seven & Seven Is
5. The Castle
6. She Comes In Colours
7. Revelation

Forever Changes 1967

Image Hosted by

1. Alone Agian Or
2. A House Is Not A Motel
3. Andmoreagain
4. The Daily Planet
5. Old Man
6. The Red Telephone
7. Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between
Clark And Hilldale
8. Live And Let Live
9. The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This
10. Bummer In The Summer
11. You Set The Scene

Four Sail 1969

Image Hosted by

1. August
2. Your Friend And Mine- Neil's Song
3. I'm With You
4. Good Times
5. Singing Cowboy
6. Dream
7. Robert Montgomery
8. Nothing
9. Talking In My Sleep
10. Always See your Face

If you haven't started already, let the appreciation of Arthur Lee's legacy begin...

Image Hosted by

March 7, 1945 - August 3, 2006

The Stones!

The Rolling Stones- Their Satanic Majesties Request 1967

Regardless of what you may think of "The Rolling Stones" as a whole, all their albums, all their singles... One certainly cannot deny that this is a true masterpiece. The Stones truly showed in this, their only true dip into psychedelia, that they are masters of music. They manage to sum up everything about psych, with the help of a vast array of instruments.

Some songs are wierd, some have crazy sounds and some are just pure blasts of mind bending sounds! Kick back with a nice joint, put on your headphones, and press play! I guarentee you wont be dissapointed!

Also, the CD packaging, Crikey, the most psych packaging I've ever seen! Not sure if I have the normal re-issue print or if it's a limited edition or something, but it is truly awesome to see!
It's the "Inaugural Edition Hybrid Disc" 2002, if you want to buy the album and haven't already, get this one, I love it!

Image Hosted by

1. Sing This All Together
2. Citadel
3. In Another Land
4. 2000 Man
5. Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
6. She's A Rainbow
7. The Lantern
8. Gomper
9. 2000 Light Years From Home
10. On With The Show

My Favourites: Sing This All Together, Citadel, In Another Land, She's A Rainbow and The Lantern.

The Kinks!

The Kinks- The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society 1968

The ultimate Kinks album, I really cannot find words good enough to describe this album! If you like the whymsical English music, then you have just found heaven! This album is without doubt the most English album I have ever heard, all about Village Greens, Steam-Powered Trains, Taking pictures down the beaches of sunny Southend, Sitting By The Riverside, A lad named Walter and some fat cat! Great psych music, at times it is descrete and you may not realise it, but once you do, you will never look back!

If you haven't got this already download it, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Image Hosted by

1. The Village Green Preservation Society
2. Do You Remember Walter
3. Picture Book
4. Johnny Thunder
5. Last Of The Steam-Powered Trains
6. Big Sky
7. Sitting By The Riverside
8. Animal Farm
9. Village Green
10. Starstruck
11. Phenomenal Cat
12. All Of My Friends Were There
13. Wicked Annabella
14. Monica
15. People Take Pictures Of Each Other

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

For Fox Sake!

The Fox- For Fox Sake 1970

Excellent album from Brighton's finest "The Fox" the only album they made, and was recorded in the studio's of Radio Luxemburg. All the songs you hear except 2 are the first takes and the whole album was made very quickly and released soon after to much appraisal. They band were due for a second album recording session, tho the management suddenly lost interest, there was a new band on the scene named Black Sabbath and just like that The Fox were dropped. Promises of world fame and big houses, now a thing of the past (incidentally, when Ozzy Osbourne left Sabbath in 1979 I think, he was left penniless, despite many millions of copies of their albums being sold, turns out the managers (lead manager Sharon Osbourne's dad) were clearly just con artists, who made a lot of money).

But anyway... this album is excellent! Some realy classic psych, some nice soft songs, and some great improv music. Aa couple of songs I'm not overly keen on, but on the whole excellent albums, and again a special thanks to MS for this one, it's excellent, just a shame it was that bit too late... Go get it!

Image Hosted by

  1. Second Hand Love
  2. Lovely Day
  3. As She Walks Away
  4. Glad I Could
  5. Butterfly
  6. Look In The Sky
  7. Goodtime Music
  8. Mr.Blank
  9. Man In A Fast Car
  10. Birthday Card
  11. Madame Magical

My Favourites are: Second Hand Love, Lovely Day, As She Walks Away, Look In The Sky, Mr.Blank and Birthday Card.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Majority One!

Majority One- Rainbow Rockin' Chair 1969-71

An excellent compilation of material by excellent pop-psych outfit Majority One, their work may have been really after the Psych rush, but if you say any of these songs sounds later than '68, I'll call you a liar! haha. Never made it in native England although they did make a fair name for themselves abroad and infact recorded all of these songs in Paris, France. Some really excellent music, fairly simple in parts, quite rocking at times too, from the fast paced "Get Back Home" to the mellow acid soaked "Rainbow Rocking Chair". Also has one of the best and most original covers of a Beatles' song I think I've heard "A Hard Days Night". The incredibly English "A Cigarette, A Cup Of Tea" makes you feel right at the heart of the whymsical UK psych scene!

I wouldn't know about this band if it wasn't for and I wouldn't own the album if I didn't win the competition on the site last year! So many thanks to Mick at MS for that (do check the site if you haven't already, it's excellent)!

This really is a great album, at time rough vocal effects make the compilation seem fairly ragged around the edges, but it isn't and you dont have to look hard on each track for great music.

So go on... you know you want to!

Image Hosted by

1. Get Back Home
2. A Hard Days Night
3. Friday Man
4. A Cigarette, A Cup Of Tea
5. Because I Love
6. Charlotte Rose
7. Rainbow Rocking Chair
8. Depths Of My Mind
9. Glass Image
10. Don't Mind The Rain
11. Letter From The Queen
12. I See Her Everywhere
13. Looks Like Rain
14. Love Came Today
15. Feedback
16. No Matter What
17. Freedom
18. Birds Must Learn To Fly

I recommend: A Hard Days Night, Charlotte Rose, Rainbow Rocking Chair, Don't Mind The Rain, Letter From The Queen and Looks Like Rain.


Early Morning Hush- UK Acid-Folk Compilation 1969-1976

Released this year, this is the follow up compilation to "Gather In The Mushrooms" an album I haven't yet heard, but hope to hear soon, if it's as good as this! This really is an incredible album, that if doesn't capture you after first listen wont take long to. This album is what I call "Acid-Folk" at its very best, a huge array of instruments, creative sounds and very trip-worthy (except the Keith Christmas song, man such a parranoid song!)! This album has a few well enough known artists such as "Pentagle" and "Steeleye Span" as well as some of the best underground artists such as "Mellow Candle", "Water Into Wine Band" (if anyone has seen a Water into Wine Band album on here, if they could tell me, I'd be hugely appreciative!) and "Mr.Fox". Some songs you may not like, but most you are sure to love, so give the whole album a listen, and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Image Hosted by

1. Midwinter- The Skater 1973
2. Loudest Whisper- Lir's Lament 1973
3. Mellow Candle- Sheep Season 1972
4. John Renbourn- The Cuckoo 1971
5. Sweeney's Men- Go By Brooks 1969
6. Shelagh McDonald- Peacock Lady 1970
7. Water Into Wine Band- Harvest Time 1976
8. Shirley Collins- Poor Murdered Woman 1971
9. Keith Christmas- Forest And The Shore 1971
10. Anne Briggs- Fine Horseman 1971
11. Stone Angel- The Bells Of Dunwich 1976
12. Pentangle- Sovay 1968
13. Duncan Browne- Cherry Blossom Fool (Not sure the year!)
14. Steeleye Span- The Blacksmith 1971
15. Dando Shaft- Coming Home To Me 1970
16. Shide And Acorn- Elanor's Song 1971
17. Mr.Fox- Mendle 1970

My Favourites: The Skater, Sheep Season, The Cuckoo, Harvest Time, Fine Horseman, The Bells Of Dunwich, Sovay, Cherry Blossom Fool, The Blacksmith and Coming Home To Me (quite a few songs!)

The Status Quo!

Status Quo- Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo 1968

Incredible debut album from The Status Quo! Everyone's entitled to their own opinion of the group, I personally feel they were a big dissapointment after the start they had. This album has to be one of the most distinctive and impressive albums of the late 60's era. Very much guitar led, it's nice psychedelia, no bads trips on the card with this one! To try and sum up the genre I'd say a pop album, thats been heavily thrown into a barrel of L.S.D! I really couldn't recommend this album enough. It's excellent and if you haven't already got this record, what are you waiting for!

Image Hosted by

1. Black Veils Of Melancholy
2. When My Mind Is Not Live
3. Ice In The Sun
4. Elizabeth Dreams
5. Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Cafe
6. Paradise Flat
7. Technicolour Dreams
8. Sheila
9. Spicks And Specks
10. Sunny Cellophone Skies
11. Green Tambourine
12. Pictures Of Matchstick Men

My Favourites: (Hard, I love them all!) Black Veils Of Melancholy, When My Mind Is Not Live, Ice In The Sun, Technicolour Dreams, Spicks And Specks, Green Tambourine and Pictures Of Matchstick Men. And those I didn't chose killed me not to!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bulldog Breed!

Bulldog Breed- Made In England 1969

Named after a Norman Wisdom (British comdedian) film, Bulldog Breed recorded Made In England in two weeks. However, the music made did not prove popular of the moment. The album sold very poorly, they were considered too Mod-pop for late 60's even though you will know this isn't true by listening to it. The line-up was constantly changing, and with side projects going on, it wasn't long the band just became a thing of the past. It's a great mix of Heavy Psych rock, raw guitars, soft melodies and does contain traces of moddish freakbeat, though does keep with the scene in that the album contains a few whymsical songs, full of English charm (Dougal is a great example).

So give it a listen and see what you think...

Image Hosted by

1. Paper Man
2. Broomstick Ride
3. I Flew
4. Eileen's Haberdashery Store
5. Folder Men
6. Dougal
7. When The Sun Stands Still
8. Reborn
9. Friday Hill
10. Siver
11. You
12. Top O' The Pops Cock?!?!
13. Revenge
14. Austin Osmanspare

Bonus Tracks

15. Halo In My Hair (Single A-Side)
16. Porticullis Gate (B-Side)

My Favourites: Paper Man, Eileen's Haberdashery Store, Dougal, Revenge and Halo In My Hair (One of my favourite Psych songs made!).

The Electric Banana!

The Electric Banana- Blows Your Mind

The Electric Banana, a side project by ultimate psychedelic group The Pretty Things. This is an excellent record with a real Pretty Things sound to it, it's an excellent listen. Usual grinding guitar solo's with mini freakouts. There's quite a raw sound to it, that only adds to the music. They also cover their own classic S.F. Sorrow song "I See You" and it's as impressive as ever!

Very Psychedelic, Very Pretties, Very Good!

Enjoy listening to it!

Image Hosted by

1. Alexander
2. It'll Never Be Me
3. I Love You
4. Grey Skies
5. What's Good For The Goose
6. If I Needed Somebody
7. Street Girl
8. Blow Your Mind
9. Eagle's Son
10. I See You
11. Love, Dance And Sing
12. Danger Signs
13. Walking Down The Street
14. A Thousand Ages From The Sun
15. Rave Up

I Recommend: Alexander, It'll Never Be Me, Grey Skies, Eagle's Son, I See You and Rave Up.

Lazy Smoke!

Lazy Smoke- Corridor Of Faces 1969

Massachusetts band, Lazy Smoke, this album is highly sought after, and original LP pressings go for over $1,500. Recorded in the summer of '68, it's pop-psych with what I would call quite a UK influence, though not abandoning the American Psych either, it's soft at times just as it is rock, some great music all round. The production quality is fairly poor in the sense that the sound quality isn't great, but if, like me, you love this album, it won’t matter at all. Some people absolutely love the band, and some feel that they were far over-rated, but at the end of that day it's what you decide that counts, so feel free to give it a listen! I highly recommend this album.

I’ve included as a separate download the unplugged demo's recorded by lead member John Pollano in late '67. So if you like the album, it might be a nice thing to get that too.


Image Hosted by

1. All These Years
2. How Was Your Day Last Night?
3. Come With The Day
4. Salty-People
5. Jackie-Marie
6. Under Skys
7. Sarah Saturday
8. There Was A Time
9. Am I Wrong?
10. How Did You Die?

My Favourites: How Was Your Day Last Night?, Salty-People, Sarah Saturday and There Was A Time.

Bonus Download:

11. I Don't Need The Sun
12. Changing The Time
13. I Could Fall Asleep
14. Wait Till you See
15. Scarecrow
16. All These Years
17. Come With The Day
18. Salty-People
19. Jackie-Marie
20. There Was A Time
21. Sarah Saturday
22. Am I Wrong?

Pink Floyd!

Pink Floyd- Early Singles (Compilation)

This CD was included in the 1992 Floyd box set "Shine On". It just really contains their early singles and b-sides. 10 tracks, all of which are very good, I think the writing on "It would be so nice" are a bit amateur at times, but I love it all the same! In honesty most of you will probably already have this, or atleast some of the tracks, but for those who don't this is a real good'un!

I hope you enjoy!

Image Hosted by

1. Arnold Layne
2. Candy And A Current Bun
3. See Emily Play
4. The Scarecrow
5. Apples And Oranges
6. Paintbox
7. It Would Be So Nice
8. Julia Dream
9. Point Me At The Sky
10. Careful With That Axe, Eugene

I recommend: Candy And A Current Bun, See Emily Play, Paintbox and Julia Dream.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blonde On Blonde...

Blonde On Blonde- Contrasts 1969

A great guitar led psychedelic album, with hints of folk ever present, by great band Blonde On Blonde. They have a great variety of genres and instruments in their songs, and it was reported to have sold 100,000 copies world wide, despite this and playing with many great bands, they never made it. Some songs are slightly below par, but they have a great deal of good songs which makes this a great addition to any collection, they also covered ISB's No Sleep Blues and The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby, both are great covers where they have actually changed the whole song unlike a lot of covers where they use the same music and all (always wondered why bands did this!). Also included are both sides of their single All Day, All Night b/w Country Life (although I must appologise, the single tracks have been swapped round, so you will need to just change All Day... to Country Life and vice versa, thanks!)

Now Enjoy Blonde On Blonde...!

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1. Ride With Captain Max
2. Spinning Wheel
3. No Sleep Blues
4. Goodbye
5. I Need My Friend
6. Mother Earth
7. Eleanor Rigby
8.Conversationally Making The Grade
9. Regency
10. Island On An Island
11.Don't Be Too Long
12. Jeanette Isabella

Bonus Tracks
12. All Day, All Night (remember this is currently named Country Life)
13. Country Life (remember this is currently named All Day, All Night)

My Favourites: Ride With Captain Max, Goodbye, I Need My Friend, Island On An Island, Don't Be Too Long.

Friday, July 28, 2006

The End!

The End- Introspection 1969

First rate Psychedelia by UK group The End, another sad case of an album's release date being delayed further and further to the point where the main Psych rush was long gone. Produced personally by Rolling Stone Bill Wyman, this album is a great ambassador for a great time. Each song is packed full of Psychedelic sounds and English charm, There are a few tracks (Bromley Common, Linen Draper and Jacob's Bladder) which contain Bill Wyman's gardener; George Kenset telling certain small stories of his life, which certainly add a strange comical feature to the album.

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1. Dreamworld
2. Under The Rainbow
3. Shades Of Orange
4. Bramley Common
5. Cardboard Watch
6. Introspection (Part 1)
7. What Does It Feel Like
8. Linen Draper
9. Don't Take Me
10. Loving, Sacred Loving
11. She Said Yeah
12. Jacob's Bladder
13. Introspection (Part 2)

My favourites: Under The Rainbow, Cardboard Watch, What Does It Feel Like (one of my all time favourites) and Don't Take Me.

The Incredible String Band!

The Incredible String Band- The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion 1967

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Excellent album by legendary band Incredible String Band. This the second album, released in 1967 contains a wide variety of instruments and has the whymsical imaginative songs that the British music scene were famous for during the late 60's. They have a song about a Cloud who's sad because he's the only cloud in the sky who can't cry and they have a song about a Hedgehog who wont leave him alone because he doesn't know all the words to a song! It really is one of the most imaginative albums of 1967, which is no east accomplishment, it wasn't till after this album that ISB started getting into 14 minute songs, like on the excellent follow up "The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter". I highly reccomend this album to anyone, it atleast deserves a listen! I hope you enjoy!

1. Chinese White
2. No Sleep Blues
3. Painting Box
4. The Mad Hatter's Song
5. Little Cloud
6. The Eyes Of Fate
7. Blues For The Muse
8. The Hedgehog's Song
9. First Girl I Loved
10. You Know What You Could Be
11. My Name Is Death
12. Gently Tender
13. Way Back In The 1960's

My favourites are: Painting Box, Little Cloud, The Hedgehog's Song, First Girl I Loved, Gently Tender.

Please Listen To The Pictures!

Kaleidoscope/ Fairfield Parlour- Please Listen To The Pictures 1967-71

Live songs from Kaleidoscope and their follow up band Fairfield Parlour recorded at a variety of different times and on shows such as "Top of the pops" and "Top gear". A couple of songs are quite poor quality but almost all are excellent! If you haven't heard this already and are a fan of the UK Kaleidoscope or Fairfield Parlour, you have to get it and enjoy! I'm guessing it must be limited edition, because mine has the a number on it... 0317!

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1. Flight from Ashiya
2. The Murder of Lewis Tollani
3. A Dream for Julie
4. Dive Into Yesterday
5. Do It Again for Jeffrey
6. Snapdragon
7. Bless the Executioner
8. Jump in my Boat
9. Balloon
10. Faintly Blowing
11. (Further Reflections) in the Room of Percussion
12. Do It Again for Jeffrey
13. (Love Song) For Annie
14. Bordeaux Rosé
15. Free
16. By Your Bedside
17. Aries
18. Monkey
19. Long Way Down
20. Diary Song
21. The Matchseller
22. Free



Well what to say! An incredible band who dominated the UK acid-drenched Psychedelic scene! Here is their incredible self titled album, one of my all time favourite psych albums, may take some people a couple of listens, but once you get there, it's great! Also included are the A and B side of their Single. The B-Side; "The Way" is a much heavier acid soaked version of the album version, and in my opinion, it is far superior, but you be the judge!

Also is included is their unreleased album "The 2nd Of July". Not as such an unreleased album but more alternate versions and outtakes from their sessions for July-July, both were recorded in 1967. Definately a good addition for fans of the s/t album!


July- July 1968

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1. My Clown
2. Dandelion Seeds
3. Jolly Mary
4. Hallo To Me
5. You missed It All
6.The Way
7. To Be Free
8. Move On Sweet Flower
9. Crying Is For Writers
10. I See
11. Friendly Man
12. A Bird Lived

Bonus Tracks:
13. The Way (Alternate Version, Single Version)
14. Hello Who's There (Single A-Side)

July- The 2nd Of July ( Complete outtakes from the 1967 sessions)

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1. You Missed It All
2. My Clown
3. Dandelion Seeds
4. Stamping Machine
5. A Bird Lived
6. Look At Her
7. The Way
8. Friendly Man
9. I See
10. The Girl In The Cafe
11. You See Me I See You
12. Man Outside
13. Move On Sweet Flower
14. Hello To Me

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Andwella's Dream

Andwella's Dream- Love And Poetry 1969

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1. The Days Grew Longer for Love
2. Sunday
3. Lost a Number Found A King
4. Man Without a Name
5. Clockwork Man
6. Cocaine
7. Shades of Grey
8. High on a Mountain
9. Andwella
10. Midday Sun
11. Take me Road
12. Felix
13. Goodbye

An incredible album by this group from Nothern Ireland. It didn't do well commercially, which was something of no interest to Andwella's Dream, you could say they were one of the few bands who really did mean it when they said it wasn't about the money.

This album holds all the keys to a psychedelic album, pushing their instruments to limits! Lovely mixture of melody and psych-rock. Great solo's weather it's on the guitar or organ! Some blues is mixed it, but discretely and only works to flatter the great psychedelia thats pushed out! Really is an excellent album! If you haven't got it.. what are you waiting for!

My favourites: The Days Grew Longer For Love, Man Without A Name, Shades Of Gray, High On A Mountain and Andwella


Forest- Full Circle 1970

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1. Hawk The Hawker
2. Bluebell Dance
3. The Midnight Hanging Of A Runaway Serf
4. To Julie
5. Gypsy Girl & Rambleaway
6. Do Not Walk In The Rain
7. Much Ado About Nothing
8. Graveyard
9. Famine Song
10. Autumn Childhood

What to say... one of the best Acid-Folk albums ever made! This is something all fans of Acid-Folk will love, it's so creative, mysterious and full of charm.

The second album from Lincolnshire group Forest. I only found out about Forest around 6 months ago after talking to original member Martin Welham about his new band "The Story" (good album I may post it soon) and I haven't looked back since. Incidently if this album proves popular I'll upload their debut too.

This record has everything you could hope to hear in an album, which includes an array of instruments from the 3 members. I really cannot recommend it anymore, it has to be part of every collection! Give it a few listens and I'm sure you'll love it!

Favourites: The Midnight Hanging Of A Runaway Serf, Gypsy Girl & Rambleaway, Do Not Walk In The Rain and Graveyard!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Tomorrow- Tomorrow 1968

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1. My White Bicycle
2. Colonel Brown
3. Real Life Permanent Dream
4. Shy Boy
5. Revolution
6. Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase
7. Auntie Mary's Dress Shop
8. Strawberry Fields Forever
9. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
10. Now Your Time Has Come
11. Hallucinations

Bonus Tracks

12. Claramount Lake
13. Real Life Permanent Dream (Alternate Version)
14. Why
15. Revolution (Phased)
16. Now Your Time Has Come (Different Song)

Keith West, Steve Howe, Junior Wood and Twink. A great line-up of musicians and together they made one of the best psychedelic albums of the 60's. Not really a rare album to find, but it certainly needs to be in every psych collection!

One of the best bands to never make it, they recorded an incredibly album, that got delayed and released once the main buzz of the new psych period was over. This album failed to make an impact on the charts.

The album perfectly sums up the British psychedelic movement, from the whymsical tales such as "Colonel Brown" and "Auntie Mary's Dress Shop" to acid driven songs which include psych classics "My White Bicycle" and "Revolution" .

Also included here are bonus tracks, "Claramount Lake"- John Lennon's favourite Tomorrow track, A rawer version of "Real Life Permanent Dream", A guitar driven cover of The Byrds "Why", the phased mono version of "Revolution" and "Now Your Time Has Come" which is actually a completely different song to the "Now Your Time Has Come" included on the original LP.

First psych album I ever really loved, recommended to all, if you don't already have it!

Billy Nicholls

Billy Nicholls- Would You Believe 1968

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1. Would You Believe
2. Come Again
3. Life Is Short
4. Feeling Easy
5. Daytime Girl
6. Daytime Girl (2)
7. London Social Degree
8. Portobello Road
9. Question Mark
10. Being Happy
11. Girl From New York
12. It Brings Me Down

Very rare album, I think if you have a first pressing LP you have the potential to be a very rich person! Excellent album, pop-psych, some dreamy songs, and some acid fuzzed guitar courtesy of The Small Faces' Steve Marriott on "Girl From New York". The first track "Would You Believe" was quite a strange choice for an album opener as in terms of sound and vocals it is very different to the rest of the album.

Download it, you won't regret it! You don't even have anything to lose... it's free!

I'd recommend Feeling Easy, London Social Degree (thought to mean L.S.D.) and Girl From New York.